Dog Crate Training Made Easy

A plastic, metal or wire paddock used to secure or transport a dog is called a dog crate. Crates can be used in the house, hotel, or when traveling. A dog needs to be trained to stay in the crate. Each dog is different; therefore the duration taken for each dog to get used to being in the crate depends on the dog.

There are some factors that can be done to facilitate the training process. Below are some tips you can do when training your dog:

Have a Big Room
The crate should have enough room for the dog to be comfortable. No one likes to have a house without enough room. The bigger the room, the easier it will be for the dog to feel comfortable.

Keep the Dog in Your Room at Night
Just like a baby, a dog needs TLC. Take your dog’s crate with you in the bedroom when going to bed. This will give it assurance that nothing is wrong and you’re right there to keep it safe.

Don’t Take Out a Fuss Dog
You’ll find that your dog could be a little fussy due to anxiety; don’t let the dog out of the crate as this will encourage the dog to do more of the same when it wants its way. The result could lead to a failure in crate training

Never Allow the Dog to Soil the Crate
Let the dog out for bathroom trips every now and then. The dog should learn where it sleeps should not be mistaken with a bathroom.

Slowly, your dog will learn love the crate and treat it as its own little home.

The problem with the dog crates is that are very daunting to store because of their size and weight. Most crates do fold for storage, although most wooden crates do not.

Above all else, try to make the transition to a crate smooth and gentle as possible for your new dog.